Pavement Design Recommendations

Austin Bergstrom International Airport

Holt Engineering maintains a license to drill in streets and right-of-ways in the City of Austin and is familiar with obtaining street cut and ROWMAN permits required by ABIA, COA, TxDOT and the surrounding municipalities. Holt has provided hundreds of concrete and asphalt pavement thickness designs and construction considerations for large arterial roadways, highways, local subdivision streets, ABIA taxi-ways and parking lots. Holt’s approach in recommending pavement design thicknesses is to provide various design options that will be cost effective and that will meet or exceed the required design life of the pavement. Pavement options for full-depth reconstruction and section overlays will be provided and to help reduce the cost of haul off, in-place recycling of the asphalt and base may be considered. Other options that may be considered are cement stabilization of existing base and subgrade lime stabilization to help reduce the deleterious effects of the highly expansive clay soils.