Geotechnical Engineering Services

Holt Engineering, Inc. has been providing geotechnical engineering services to the central Texas region for over 35 years.

Once the project scope has been defined, our approach will be to conduct a geological assessment of the site. The geological assessment will include a review of Austin area geological maps and borings drilled in the surrounding area of the site. The purpose of the assessment is to characterize area soil conditions and make recommendations for the location and spacing of geotechnical borings. Prior to drilling, locating underground utilities will be coordinated with line locators and required permits will be obtained. Auger drilling soils and/or coring rock will be performed as appropriate. Field testing will be conducted during drilling to include standard penetration tests and pocket penetrometers. A laboratory testing program will be developed for the individual project and will be conducted by certified engineering technicians within our in-house accredited laboratory.

An engineering report by a Texas licensed professional engineer will be provided that may include recommendations for a shallow slab-on-grade foundation, deep and mat foundations, bearing capacities, settlement analyses, pavement design criteria, slope stability analysis, lateral, compressive and uplift load capacities for pile/pier foundations, tower sites, retaining structures, excavations, embankments, groundwater drainage, dewatering, pumping tests, monitor wells, reinforced earth structures, soil stabilization and environmental site assessments and investigations. Quality control will be conducted on all levels of our work. Holt will work closely with the project team to obtain all the necessary data for completion of a successful project. Our geotechnical investigation and recommendations will be geared to meet the specific needs of the design team.


Seaholm Residences

Holt Engineering is fully equipped to perform deep borings for geotechnical surveys and obtain soil and rock samples in the field. Our firm has two CME 55 truck mounted drilling rigs with 250 gallon water tanks, winches, flight augers, hollow stem augers and NXB wireline coring system for drilling and continuous sampling to depths of 180 feet. Included in our drilling equipment is hydraulic hammers for performing...


Jollyville Water Transmission Main

Holt Engineering, Inc. strictly follows the guidelines set forth from the governing agencies for drilling borings and backfilling bore holes. Our drillers are licensed to install and plug monitor wells and/or piezometers and are familiar with submitting well and plugging reports to the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation as required by the Texas Water Development Board.


Balcones Canyonland Preserve

Many underground utilities installed in and around Austin are located in environmentally sensitive areas such as the Edwards Aquifer Recharge Zone and the Balcones Canyonlands Preserve. Highly fractured limestone rock is found in these areas that allow for large quantities of water to flow into the Edwards Aquifer. In addition, these areas contain known caves and endangered species that are protected by...


Horseshoe Bay Residence

A geotechnical investigation for a proposed residence involves drilling bore holes to determine subsurface soil, rock and groundwater conditions. Samples are retrieved during drilling and laboratory testing is conducted in order to determine the engineering characteristics of the subsurface conditions. Foundation design recommendations are provided based on the soil/rock conditions below the building footprint...


Geotechnical Data Reports (GDRs) are used for underground pipeline projects in order to provide subsurface information to the design engineers and contractor where the proposed pipe will be installed by trenchless construction methods. These methods include tunneling, guided boring, directional drilling, pipe bursting and pipe and jacking. Holt Engineering has over 20 years providing this type of geotechnical investigation and is fully...


Austin Bergstrom International Airport

Holt Engineering maintains a license to drill in streets and right-of-ways in the City of Austin and is familiar with obtaining street cut and ROWMAN permits required by ABIA, COA, TxDOT and the surrounding municipalities. Holt has provided hundreds of concrete and asphalt pavement thickness designs and construction considerations for large arterial roadways, highways, local subdivision streets,...

Barton Springs Pool.jpg

Barton Springs Pool

Holt Engineering is capable and highly experienced in conducting geotechnical drilling in difficult, constrained locations and highly protected areas such as Austin’s most beloved swimming pool. Drill rigs and equipment are steam cleaned before entering the site and all precautions are taken to protect large trees and the Springs such as driving on plywood to protect well-manicured lawns and large trees and...